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Dr Mark van Rijmenam, CSP
3 min readJul 6, 2023

The f(x) = e^x | July 6, 2023 — Vol. 222

ChatGPT’s joke of the week:

Why don’t AI developers make good poker players?

Because they’re always trying to bluff with a hand of GPT-4s…until they realise it’s actually eight different cards, all pretending to be one!

Navigating the Digital Seascape: Embracing Digital Innovation for Strategic Advantage

My latest article:

In the digital era, where technology’s pace is relentless, businesses are sailing in uncharted waters. Our survival hinges not merely on the adoption of AI and emerging technologies but on understanding their complexities and steering the ship of transformation.

To truly thrive, we must chart the map for an AI-driven future, acutely aware of both the societal opportunities and ethical challenges. The digital age is not on the horizon — it’s here, and the need for digital awareness has never been greater. As business leaders, we have the opportunity and responsibility to shape this digital era.

Let’s seize this opportunity and equip ourselves to harness the power of digital innovation. Through understanding, strategy, and commitment, we can ensure that our businesses not merely survive, but drive sustainable growth and societal benefit in the digital era.

Feel like the pace of the digital revolution is leaving your business in the dust? I’ve developed a 3-hour workshop for executive leaders and board members to demystify buzzwords like AI, metaverse, and quantum computing, preparing you to steer your organisation into a confident digital future. Don’t be among the 49% of businesses that see digital transformation as a threat — seize the opportunity now!

Useful Nuggets of Information

My weekly tips from around the web to get you thinking.

1. Emerson 2.0: Balancing humanity in the AI era.

In our AI revolution, an updated Emersonian philosophy can guide us to balance the technology’s benefits with its risks, emphasising human values, transparency, and real-world connections. (The Atlantic)

2. AI in Science: A revolution on a tightrope.

As AI permeates science, from predicting climate changes to enhancing experiments in self-driving labs, the balance between its transformative potential and the necessity for rigorous oversight and security becomes increasingly crucial. (MIT)

3. GPT-4 unmasked as an 8-model ensemble!

The revolutionary GPT-4 isn’t a singular colossal model but a strategic assembly of eight individual 220-billion-parameter models, each sharing their distinct expertise under the guise of a single entity. (Towards AI)

4. Virtual legalities: Meet the trailblazing Metaverse lawyer!

As a pioneering metaverse lawyer, Madaline Zannes has created a unique, immersive client experience through her virtual law office, complete with meeting spaces, art galleries, and bars. She also established the International Metaverse Bar Association to verify legal practitioners in virtual spaces. (MIT)

The MSG Sphere: Vegas’ sci-fi marvel redefining live entertainment.

Dwarfing the Las Vegas skyline, the MSG Sphere, the world’s largest spherical structure, promises an unmatched immersive experience with its highest-resolution wraparound LED screen, 1.2 million programmable exterior LEDs, and next-level audio; this $2.3 billion venue redefines live entertainment, preparing to dazzle audiences with everything from concerts to 4D cinema experiences. (CNN)

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